Slot Machine Guide

In case you have ever visited a casino house or online casino, you possibly know how slot machine looks like. Slots are present at almost every casino whether offline or online. Slots are even seen in places like bars, hotels, airports and even restaurants in some areas. Slots are so popular partially due to the simplicity of use - anyone is able to play slots and win, while it takes skill and knowledge to gamble most other casino house games.

Slot Machine Payout

Slots are known for the huge but rare payouts. Gamblers are always drawn by the probability of large payouts, so no wonder that each casino owns hundreds of slots. Indeed, slot machines have several different winning combinations with their own payouts each. Slot machine payout rate can fluctuate from very high to just what is betted. Live and virtual slots are pretty identical, so if you have chosen one or another it will be fine.

How to Play?

If you don't quite know the principles of how slots work or have never played them, it is really very simple. First, a coin or a token is inserted if you play live machine or a button is clicked if online slots. Secondly, a handle is pulled or a button is pressed. Then the slot machine begins spinning.

When it stops you will see the combination and if it is winning or not. These combinations consist of symbols that vary from machine to machine. On pay table printed onto the slot, you will find all possible winning combinations. The symbols of slot themselves are not important, only specific combinations can pay out. There is a wide variety of themed machines, symbols of which are specified in a certain topic.

Slot Machine Variations

There are different variants of slots, but the principle is the same for all of them. The only variation that differs from others is a progressive jackpot slot machine. Generally every spin in progressive slots adds money to a jackpot total. The jackpot keeps growing until a winner comes. When the jackpot is won, it goes back down. Evidently, it is harder to win at progressive slots, so it is like the lottery.

What Slots to Play?

The best choice is to play slot machines that have both normal winning combinations and progressive jackpots. These slots offer occasional huge payouts as well as frequent low payouts. There is no skill needed to play slots, which turns many people away. The house edge at slot machines is quite high reaching 15%. Slots denomination can be flexible as well. Most online slots allow bets from $0.01 to $10.