Counterfeit Tokens

There are two ways to cheat with money, and the first of those two is cheat with fake money. This is typically done at a slot machine, because it is easier to fool a machine than a human being. By knowing what the computer looks for, a person is able to create a fake bill that will pass the system. Money laundering is also very easy with a slot machine because of the high rate of payouts that they have.

A lot of machines have a payout rate of about 95%, which means that a player can easily win real money back as the machine takes their fake cash. Another aspect that makes this hard to trace is the fact that there may be a few days that pass before the machines are emptied, at which point the cheater has been gone for a very long time. Given the fact that you are creating fake money, the Treasury Department as well as the FBI consider this a very serious offense and will pursue you in that manner as well.

Fake coins

The second way to cheat with money is to use fake coins. Casinos have started to switch to tokens because they are harder to counterfeit. While this method was successful for some period of time, it was only a matter of time before cheaters were able to beat the system. The player would exchange a small amount of cash for the tokens, but leave the building with them instead of playing any games.

At home, the cheater could then create a mold using simple materials and create a container to create fake coins. The cheater would then simply pour metal into the mold and pop out the cooled coin. Once the coin was polished, it would be very difficult for the machine or the human eye to tell the difference. This is a very effective way to increase the number of coins you have without having to spend money exchanging all of your bills. Also, the money will simply be circulated back into the system, letting the cheater walk away without any consequences.

There is one negative aspect for a person who wants to create these fake tokens, and that is the fact that getting the materials can become somewhat expensive. If the size, shape, or weight of the token isn't right, it may not pass the system as intended. There are also workers who will examine these coins from time to time to make sure that they are not fake. If these coins are not checked frequently, they may pass through the system into the pockets of an innocent person, who would then be charged with cheating.