Play and Run Strategy

Those who play slot machines know that there is no skill that comes along with playing the game. A player simply presses a button or pulls a lever and then waits to see what the results are. At this level, any player with any skill level and join in on a game and feel completely comfortable playing and winning money.

However, if a player wants to take the game of slots to the next level, they will implement a slot strategy to their game. These strategies are used to increase the chances of winning while helping the player play based off of logic and rationale, instead of going blindly based on emotions and intuition.

What is Play and Run?

The play and run strategy has players playing at a machine while it is giving out money, but having them leave or switch machines as soon as the machine stops becoming profitable. The best way that players do this is by finding the machine that takes the least number of coins, but frequently has winners at it.

There are two crucial elements to play and run slots that must be considered if you want to implement it correctly. First, the naked pull is used to describe the number of times the player plays, but does not win anything. This term is used to measure how many times a player can play before they cannot stand it anymore.

Loss limits is the second term to remember, and it is used to describe how much the player is able to gamble when they play. The loss limit will be determined by how much a player has in their bankroll, but is also designed to keep them from spending more money than they have. This loss limit is combined with the naked pull to determine how many pulls at each machine a player should have.


In the end, the play and run strategy is there to help players manage their money. A lot of players play based on luck and feeling, and that ends up getting them in trouble. It is nothing new to hear about players who end up spending too much and regretting it later. This method only requires that the player pay attention to what they are doing and how they are playing; skill level does not matter. In other words, this play strategy was designed to help the player enjoy the game without losing a lot of money.

Regardless of whether you have played slots for years or you are just starting out, make sure to implement the play and run technique to keep your money in your pocket as you enjoy he game of slots.