Biggest Casinos in Europe and USA

According to American Gaming Association, over 51 million people in US visited at least one casino in 2002 and an almost similar number in Europe. For the past decade, the gaming industry has grown tremendously in Europe and USA at a nearly 6% to become a multi billion dollar industry. And these statistics are just of the people who visited the casinos legally and domestically. While the size of the casino might not be a major factor that can attract an average punter to a casino, the size really matters a lot in deciding which casino one goes to gamble. In fact, most tourists to Europe and America will visit the biggest casinos in this area unlike visiting some of the little and barely known casinos.

One of the biggest casinos in USA is MGM Grand Las Vegas in Las Vegas. With a 170, 000 square feet, this mighty casino has 2300 gaming machines and 178 table and poker games. There are also 20 restaurants and bars at the casino and 5, 044 hotel rooms. This luxurious casino opened its door to the gambling community in 1993 and is reputed as one of the world’s largest hotels. Operating as Hollywood themed resort, the casino sits on a 293 foot high, 30 floor complex and has 5 outdoor pools, waterfalls and rivers. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, Casino Lisboa in Europe is one of the world’s biggest casinos. This casino is built on a 165, 000 square feet land, has 1000 gaming machines and 26 table and poker games with 7 restaurant and bars and 1000 hotel rooms. It is actually located in Lisbon’s Park of Nations and it is one of Europe’s major landmarks. Estoril Sol is the owner of this casino that opened its door in 2006 to the public.

Another one of the biggest casinos in USA is Borgatta Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlanta City, USA. This casino is on a 161, 000 square feet and has 4100 gaming machines, 285 table and poker games, 17 restaurants and bars and 2002 hotel rooms. The gambling community simply calls it the ‘little village’. This $1.1 billion casino is anything you would like to call it but not small and it one of the America’s largest resort and casino. Las Vegas is still home to another big casino in America, Bellagio. This casino sits on 155, 000 square feet land, has 2449 gaming machines, 207 table and poker games, 20 bars and restaurants and 3933 hotel rooms. This luxury casino and hotel opened in 1995 and is owned by MGM- MGM Mirage.

Casino Monte Carlo in France is a famous casino in the world and it is a top destination for those who would want to play some card games. Opened in 1863, its many offerings range from English and European roulettes through Punto banco and blackjack. Other big casinos here in Europe include Casino Baden- Baden in Germany, Casino Barcelona in Spain and The Clermont Club in United Kingdom.