Squirrel Strategy

There are a lot of strategies for slots that are named after animals. These names are given because they perfectly fit the movement of the player as they implement the strategy that they are using. One example of a strategy named after an animal is the chicken strategy, which has players moving from machine to machine as the use their turns, much like how a chicken moves. These strategies are very easy to learn and use for all players, making them accessible for both beginners and experts alike.

The Squirrel

The squirrel is another method of playing slots that many people use. Unlike the chicken, which runs around from machine to machine, the squirrel mimics how the animal stores food. This method does still require planning before the player begins, which keeps them from spending too much of their money at once. The player will play this predetermined sequence out until it has run out.

When the sequence has completed, the player will look to see if they are winning or not. If they are winning, half of that profit will be used at that machine to keep playing in case more wins follow. If the player is not winning, they will simply move on to the next machine. This style very much imitates how a squirrel collects nuts for the winter, hence the name. This method allows the player a chance to win more money while letting them know that all will not be lost on the machine either.

If the player runs out of the selected money at any time, they must stop immediately. This is designed to keep players from overplaying and spending more than they had allowed. This is especially helpful for players who always want to play "one more game" and end up spending much more than planned. Even if you can keep track of your funds well, it is good to follow this so you change machines and your odds as well.


In the end, the squirrel method is not one that is designed to help you win money. Instead, it is designed to help you manage the money you have and the money that you win, so you don't end up losing it all. Keep in mind that slots is a game that is designed to have fun with, not necessarily to make a profit off of. If you have ever had trouble watching your funds or have wanted to try something new with the game of slots, make sure to check out and try the squirrel technique the next time you play. You may discover that it is the answer to all of the problems you have been having.