Chicken Strategy

Although it may sound like a joke, the chicken is a legitimate method of playing slots. This technique is typically used with 3 coin slot machines, and has a player play a machine for a round before they must change machines. When this happens, the player gets up and moves to another machine to continue play another round before they get up and move once more. This is repeated constantly.

Many people who use the chicken method have a pattern of how many coins they will use on each machine, which may keep them a one machine for a little longer when compared to another. However, the key component to this method is that the player leaves regardless of winning or losing. The only time that players stay if they are winning is when they are on their last play.

Why do people do this?

Some players believe that if a machine has just paid out a large amount, it won't do it again for some time. Because of this, people who use the chicken method think that changing machines frequently will increase their chances of winning money.

However, the chicken strategy is not guaranteed to make you win, and the advancement of technology has made it harder for this technique to have any impact. For example, the internet uses random number generators so that there is no chance of a machine paying out more frequently than others. In other words, it wouldn't matter whether you changed machines or not.

Also, make note that there are other strategies based on animals that are used in slots. You can learn more about them if you read slot machine strategy, and will be able to see the differences in each one. Of course, you can also just follow your gut instinct as well.

Even though the strategy may not be 100% effective, there is no reason to keep from trying it if you are curious. One of the biggest things about slots is the fact that you can enjoy it how you want, meaning you can play it your way. If you enjoy the method and think it works, then there is no reason why you shouldn't do it. One of the things to keep in mind is that you need to know when to stop, which is also something the chicken teaches players. Do not spend money you don't have and don't get caught up in the game.

If you play smart and play for fun, you'll end up getting much more enjoyment out of slots than those who play just to win. Play the game how you want and make sure you have fun doing it.