Cheating Slot Machines

Cheating at casinos is common today, so slot machines are not exception. Slots cheating appeared with the invention of the first machines. However, with the time passing by slots cheating is becoming harder and harder. Modern slot machines are supplied with all possible devices that protect casinos from illegal winning. However, the imagination and ingenuity of cheaters have no restrictions. It is possible to cheat even online slots, although it is really difficult.

Slots Cheating - a Rewarding Business?

It is not a secret that 80% of a casino house's incomes is from slots, and more than 3,000,000 machines are available at real casinos around the world. As for online casinos it is difficult to imagine how many slots are there. So, it is not surprisingly that slots cheaters look at the machines like golden opportunities. Indeed, hundreds of million dollars have been stolen in casinos from slot machines worldwide. In Nevada losses of $100 million have been documented. Astonishing but it is estimated more than 97.1% of slot cheaters get away with the crimes.

Blind Spots

Casinos do their best to riddle with numerous surveillance cameras that are pointed at elevators, table games, doors and cages. A huge casino can have up to 5,000 slot machines, so it is for sure impossible to watch all games together at the same time.

That is how professional slot cheaters take advantage at blind spots in surveillance systems of casinos and change one machine for another to prevent drawing attention. Professional scammers train new slot cheaters in exchange to decrease the number of visits. So, the security cannot lock in on a certain person.

Professional Cheaters

Experienced cheaters collaborate and work like a plague of locusts. A group of cheaters is able to steal up to $1,000 within an hour by using various methods. If a cheating device is in use, it is possible to "earn" up to $350 in 6 minutes. An experienced team working not more than five days per week can steal up to $750,000 over a year.

Most slot cheating devices can be bought at low prices about $25 while more complicated tools are sold through the black market and on the Internet for more than $1,500 up to $25,000.